7 less famous Marvel superheroes who deserve to have their own movies


Mentioning Marvel superheroes, those who are still unfamiliar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) might immediately think of Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thor, or the Hulk. But in reality, the MCU is much larger than that.

There are many characters that are generally less well-known, but have the potential to become dark horses if a live-action version of the film is made in the hands of the right producer or director. These characters nonetheless have great strength and an interesting story to explore through the film.

Who are they? Here is the list:

1. Marvel Superhero Quicksilver

Superhero Marvel Quicksilver. Photo: Doc. wonder

This mutant human has appeared as a companion character in several X-Men live-action movie series, played by Evan Peters. Unfortunately in the movie “The Avengers”, this character appears only briefly and is even “extinct”.

Quicksilver is the younger brother of Scarlet Witch and son of Magneto, so his existence has always been overshadowed by his two most famous family shops. The character’s profile and abilities have the potential to be interesting if made into the movie itself, as he has a fairly complex storyline. Hopefully, the producers and the production team see that potential and want to make a movie that makes the characters stand out even more.

2. Marvel Superhero She-Hulk

the marvel superheroMarvel superhero She-Hulk. Photo: Doc. wonder

Hulk is one of the most popular Marvel superhero characters. But not much is known about She-Hulk, who is none other than the cousin of Bruce Jenner, the Hulk’s alter-ego. She-Hulk is the alter-ego of Jennifer Walters, a lawyer.

Following a serious accident, Jennifer must receive an emergency blood transfusion from Bruce Jenner, aka Hulk. As a result, Jennifer can also transform into a tough green creature when she is angry, but she has a more “ subtle ” character than the Hulk when transformed.

In the comedic version of the story, She-Hulk is also a part of The Avengers. He’s also involved with The Defenders, Heroes for Hire, and SHIELD, so She-Hulk already has plenty of points that allow him to become one of Marvel’s main superheroes.

3. Marvel Silver Surfer Superhero

the marvel superheroMarvel Silver Surfer Superhero. Photo: Doc. wonder

This Marvel superhero appeared in the movie “ Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer ” but unfortunately the show was a disappointment at the box office. Even though the characters are interesting to turn into their own story

The surfer was previously a scientist from the planet Zenn-La, located in the cluster of galaxies of the Milky Way. When Galactus seems to “eat” Zenn-La in order to increase his strength, the scientist tries to save his lover and the planet. He volunteered to be Galactus’ herald and sought out other planets to “eat”. Galactus accepts and gives him the cosmic power that transforms him into a Silver Surfer.

4. Marvel Superhero Darkhawk

the marvel superheroMarvel Superhero Darkhawk. Photo: Doc. wonder

Darkhawk is said to be a Marvel superhero character who combines the best aspects of Spider-Man and Iron Man to be worthy of a movie on its own. Is it true?

As quoted in Screen Rant, Darkhawk is the alter-ego of a teenage Chris Powell who keeps mystical alien artifacts. The artifact infuses armor into his body, giving him superhuman strength.

Darkhawk is able to fly, sharpen eyesight, increase strength, grow claws, and even have special protection. With these various abilities, it feels like he can become a capable superhero worthy of being named in a movie.

5. Marvel Superheroes Namor

the marvel superheroSuperhero Marvel Namor. Photo: Doc. wonder

Namor is often compared to DC Comics’ Aquaman due to his water-related abilities. Namor has many abilities at sea and is very strong.

Namor’s character is described as a sea creature who has a hatred for living things on earth. Although known as an anti-hero, the story is quite interesting to pick up.

6. Marvel Superhero Silver Sable

the marvel superheroSuperhero Marvel Silver Sable. Photo: Doc. wonder

This figure is often referred to as the female version of The Punisher. Silver Sable doesn’t have any superpowers, but over the past 30 years he’s become an opponent or friend of a number of other Marvel characters.

Silver Sable has very strong endurance, athleticism, and is good in various types of martial arts. His ultimate goal in life is to establish justice for war criminals and terrorists.

7. Marvel Superhero Squirrel Girl

the marvel superheroSuperhero Marvel Squirrel Girl. Photo: Doc. wonder

Squirrel Girl AKA Doreen Green may be Marvel’s weirdest superhero, but it is entirely possible to present an interesting story when filmed. Squirrel Girl has a spiritual disposition, perhaps a bit like Ant-Man.

He was a very strong figure, had long pointed nails and a thick tail. Squirrel Girl can turn her body very high and communicate with squirrels. Not many people know that in the comic book version, he’s one of the most powerful creatures in the Marvel Universe, and has defeated great villains like Galactus and even Thanos.

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