Beautiful nurses become sensations, create sexy content for fans only


This beautiful nurse has chosen to reduce her working hours at the hospital due to the Corona pandemic. The woman, named Nicola, admitted she had to work fewer hours for her health and the safety of her four children.

To cover her living expenses, Nicola chose to become a model on the adult site Only Fans. She didn’t think her income from sharing sexy content was high enough, even three times that of the nurse.

Sharing sexy paid content on Only Fans is often controversial as it’s not uncommon for women to appear openly, even without clothes on. the beautiful nurse is aware of the consequences so she tries not to present too extreme content.

Nicola Willoughby Photo: Facebook

“I know a lot of women share content without clothes on, but I don’t. The photos I upload are no different from other vacation photos on Instagram,” Nicola said as quoted by the Mirror.

Nicola said she didn’t want to share any lewd content. According to him, the content he shared was always within the limits of “polite”.

Only Fans stands for porn sites. Nicola tries to clarify that what she is doing is not disseminating negative content.

“I get negative comments from people who say I do porn, but it’s not porn. It’s a legitimate way to make money in the midst of a tough time, and it really helps me financially, ”said the beautiful nurse.

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