Beautiful singer jailed for creating a Gossip account to abandon other artists


Moroccan pop singer Dounia Batma has been implicated in extortion cases. His actions have been proven wrong by the court for which he is now sentenced to eight months.

“Hamza mon bb case” is the name of the Snapchat and Instagram account that posts photo and video content from other celebrities. The account is like a gossip account which aims to blackmail a number of artists in Morocco.

Leading the action, Dounia with her sister Ibtissam and her friend Aicha Ayach. The three are currently serving their sentences. Ibtissam was imprisoned for 12 months and Aicha for 18 months.

Since 2018, this story has shocked the entertainment world in Morocco. So far, no one knows who is behind the account manager on social media.

Ultimately, the owner of the account was revealed, and it was unexpected that the beautiful pop singer was involved. All three are guilty of discovering personal information and distributing it online without the owner’s consent.

The idol of Arab countries as well as her sister were found guilty of sharing information with malicious intent. They are said to have deliberately tarnished someone’s reputation.

In December 2019, Dounia Batma was arrested for the case, but was released on bail as her passport was detained. The confiscation of the passport was made to prevent Dounia from leaving the country.

Not only imprisonment, but all three also pay the mandatory fine. Each of them paid Rp 16 million.

The name Dounia Batma became popular in Morocco after participating in the Arab Idol event in the first season in 2012. She was praised by the jury for having a unique voice.

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