Corona Soars, Lebanon closed the business for 2 weeks and applied a police officer


The Lebanese authorities have ordered all business activities in the country to stop for two weeks after a jump in the cases of the Crown virus (COVID-19). Local authorities will also impose curfews from Friday (21/8).

As reported Reuters, Wednesday (19/8/2020), the completion of this business was announced by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior in a statement on Tuesday (18/8) local time. All markets, malls, gyms and swimming pools – as well as private business centers – should close for the next two weeks.

Police hours will be extended from 18.00 local time to 06.00 local time. Medical and food workers, as well as servicemen, diplomats and journalists, have been released by police.

Meanwhile, the local airport is still operating normally, with passengers required to perform a PCR test before boarding the plane.

Lebanese authorities have set a new record for additional daily cases, reporting more than 400 Corona cases a day. As of Monday (17/8) local time, the total number of Corona cases in Lebanon reached 9,377 cases, with 105 deaths.

The spike in the Crown case occurred after a large-scale explosion shook Beirut on August 4, killing 178 people. With this temporary closure, waste clean-up activities, repair efforts and the distribution of aid can be made easier.

Lebanon, which is currently in financial crisis, is now also struggling with a surge in the Crown case in its region. A powerful explosion of ammonium nitrate destroyed half of Beirut and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

Many hospitals were also damaged. Local hospitals struggling to treat Corona patients are becoming more crowded because they have to treat more than 6,000 people injured in the blast. It is reported that half of the total of 55 medical centers in Beirut are not functioning.

Following the blast, health workers said the risk of transmitting the Corona virus was becoming more widespread in the country.

(nvc / ita)