Crazy, this online store boss’s treasure is nearly Rp 3,000 trillion


Jeff Bezos’ wealth is increasingly difficult to digest from the mind. Recent research from Forbes states that the current assets of Amazon founder and CEO have reached $ 197.8 billion or in the Rp range. 2,919 trillion.

With a wealth of nearly Rp 3,000 trillion, Bezos is not increasingly being surpassed as the richest person in the world. In fact, this number is also the highest treasure record ever recorded by Forbes since they tracked the wealth of the richest people 4 decades ago.

Bezos got most of his fortune from an 11.1% stake in Amazon. As the shares of the world’s largest online store continue to rise, Bezos’ money will be automatically revoked.

In the latest stock exchange, Amazon’s stock was up 4.1%. Thus the man with the pitcher’s head became $ 7.2 billion richer. Amazon is the target of online shopping in the midst of the Corona pandemic that has affected many countries.

The difference between Jeff Bezos and the wealth of the world’s richest runner-up, Bill Gates, is even greater. Their difference according to Forbes is currently on the order of $ 83.8 billion, roughly equivalent to the fortune of Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk.

Bezos would have been even richer had he not divorced his wife, MacKenzie, so he had to split his wealth. Bezos has handed a share to MacKenzie which is now valued at $ 62.7 billion, making her the third richest woman in the world.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that in the future Jeff Bezos will become the first billionaire in the world, that is, his wealth will reach 1 trillion dollars. No one had ever achieved that prestige status before.

Research from Comparisun calculates it could hit that record in 2026 or 6 years from now. The conclusion was reached after examining the growth in the wealth of the richest people over the past 5 years.

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