European Super Cup, UEFA guinea pigs revitalize the stadium

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UEFA began experimenting to revive the stadium amid the coronavirus pandemic. The European Super Cup 2020 will be an opportunity to do so.

According to Reuters, UEFA is planning to bring spectators back to the stadium for the European Super Cup. The game itself will take place on September 24th.

In a conference call with 55 members of the secretary general on Wednesday (19.8.2020) local time, UEFA discussed the potential for spectators to return to the stadium. Because so far the match has not been a spectator and took place in a neutral location to reduce the spread of the corona virus.

The audience should be present at the start of the UEFA Nations League group stage, which will take place on September 3. However, UEFA felt it was too early for the hoped-for European Super Cup to be an opportunity for UEFA to try first.

One of the things that will be highlighted in later attempts is cleanliness. It is also in the country spotlight.

“Participants stressed the need for strict sanitary and hygienic measures to ensure the health of everyone attending matches before spectators can return,” UEFA said in a statement.

The European Super Cup itself is an annual event that brings together two champions from UEFA club competitions. Champions League winners will play against the Europa League winners.

This season, the Champions League itself only reached the semi-finals, which were held in Lisbon, Portugal. Paris Saint-Germain has already qualified for the top round and is just waiting for Bayern Munich’s winner against Lyon in the final on August 23, 2020.

The Europa League already has finalists. Inter Milan will face Sevilla on August 21st in Cologne.

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