Failed to win the Champions League to become Karma PSG and Neymar

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Paris Saint-Germain and Neymar felt ashamed of losing in the Champions League final. It was like karma to anger the opponents who beat PSG.

PSG have managed to play in the Champions League final for the first time this season. Les Parisiens will face Bayern Munich in the final.

The results were painful for Thomas Tuchel’s team. PSG lost 1-0 to Kingsley Coman in the second half. The dream of becoming the best in Europe immediately disappeared.

Nyemar was in the spotlight after the game. The man from Brazil cried that he needed to be reassured by his teammates and opposing players.

Marca called PSG’s defeat like karma. Neymar and PSG have previously teased their knockout opponents repeatedly.

The most memorable incident was when PSG troops managed to get rid of Borussia Dortmund over the past 16 years. They make fun of it by imitating the celebration style ala Erling Haaland (yoga meditation). Neymar also had time to mimic Haaland’s celebration in the goal celebration.

The next victim PSG teased was Atalanta captain Papu Gomez. The official Twitter account of the Spanish-speaking PSG posted a photo of Maxim Choupo-Moting writing the words “Baila Como El Choupo” (Choupo dance).

Choupo-Moting scored the decisive goal in PSG’s 2-1 quarter-final victory over Atalanta. Well, Papu Gomez is known to have a special song called “Baila Como El Papu”.

The joking against opponents was also carried out when they managed to get rid of RB Leipzig in the semi-finals. Neymar has uploaded a photo with a Red Bull Cup on his social media. “Father is in the final,” he wrote next to the photo, which could be seen as a provocation against the majority shareholder of the German team.

PSG and Neymar now have to endure the bitterness their opponents have received from all bullies: they did not win the Champions League.

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