Former sadist Miss USA, lover’s nose broken


There are a number of news items that have become the most popular during this week. One of them is the news of a former Miss USA who attacked her lover, breaking his nose.

Nicole Poteet who got the title of Miss Virginia USA whipped and broke her lover’s nose. The assault case took place in December 2019. He was charged with assaulting his girlfriend Wade McKenzie.

The woman who won the title of Miss USA in 2013 is indeed full of controversy. Previously, she had posted a status on her Facebook that called herself Miss Alcoholic USA.

Nicole Poteet Photo: Facebook

This infuriated the organizers of the beauty pageant. The title of beauty queen that had been given was revoked after Nicole installed this status.

The assault case against a lover is not the only time. The former Miss USA came across the same court case in 2013 after assaulting her then-boyfriend.

The 34-year-old has been charged with assault and petty offenses. Even so, the judge dismissed the charges after James did not recall the incident. In fact, James was jailed for a drug case that led to his suicide in 2016.

Apart from this case, Nicole was also embroiled in a case of homophobic insult. Nicole insults her gay roommate. However, Miss USA denied this.

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