Hong Kong’s strong reaction to the US decision to terminate the Extradition Treaty


Hong Kong has accused the United States of using the city as a pawn in its relations with China, while sharply criticizing the US decision to abandon three extradition and tax treaties.

The United States formally notified the Asian Financial Center on Wednesday (19/8) local time that it had withdrawn from a bilateral agreement that included the transfer of refugees, the transfer of prisoners and the transportation income tax exemption.

Washington’s move came in response to China’s adoption of a national security law in Hong Kong, which critics say is an attack on freedom in the semi-autonomous Chinese city.

“These steps underscore our deep concern about Beijing’s decision to pass national security laws that have destroyed the freedoms of the Hong Kong people,” the State Department said in a statement.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong government gave a definite answer to the US decision. He said the US decision created “additional problems in Sino-US relations using Hong Kong as a pawn” and “should be condemned by the international community”.