Opening up opportunities for creativity and education through TikTok


TikTok may be best known for entertainment content, but this platform can also open up opportunities to increase creativity and disseminate educational content.

This was stated by Cinta Laura in the TikTalkShow program conducted by Nia Ramadhani last weekend. According to Cinta, there are many things that can be learned via TikTok and can be a way to find new interests.

“I hope that young people, if they love TikTok, not just dance, or just comedy, but also educational. So they can learn something new while having fun. I hope young people don’t just think about things. Play,” Cinta told the event.

Supported by increasingly practical technological developments, such as the Tiktok app, young people can learn many things more easily or develop new skills.

“For Tiktoker who is still in school, I just want to say that you guys are in a very unique position because we are now in a transition period in our world, where the world is really changing. You have to spend this time. Besides studying well too. at home maybe to learn new skills. We have technology, we have advanced technology, “he explained.

Although initially TikTok content was dominated by unique funny videos, video sharing applications have evolved with the emergence of a variety of video content. Quite a few TikTok video content contains historical information of an educational nature.

Not only that, quite a few TikTok users also use this platform to share their experience with other users, such as English, Japanese, or even share their life experiences in other countries and present their culture. Moreover, there are also various tips and tricks that can be used in everyday life or more specifically as financial education, business and more.

“Find a new passion, try to be more creative and not be lazy because you are the future leader of this country. So you have to work, so that Indonesia can be even more prosperous”, concluded Cinta.

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