Portrait of Zara Adhisty and lover, becomes a spotlight thanks to viral videos on Twitter


Zara Adhisty and her lover Zaki Pohan are currently in the spotlight. The former JKT 48 member went viral after a video was released that he and his lover had committed an indecent act.

In the video, Zaki is seen touching Zara’s chest. The video immediately went viral after Zara posted IG’s story on her personal Instagram account @zaraadhsty. Not long ago, the 17-year-old deleted the content, but the video has already spread on social media.

Zara Adhisty and Zaki Pohan Photo: @zaraadhsty and @ zakipohan / Special

Due to the intimate video with Zaki Pohan holding Zara Adhisty’s chest, Zara’s name dropped. Most of her fans were disappointed with Zara’s irresponsible behavior.

From these downloads, a lot of people just found out that Zaki is Zara’s lover. Until now, it has always been reported that Zara was close to Angga Yunanda, her co-star in the movie Two Blue Lines.

7 Moments of Romance Adhisty Zara and Zaki PohanZara Adhisty and Zaki Pohan Photo: @zaraadhsty and @ zakipohan / Special

On Zaki’s Instagram account, there are a number of portraits of the two of them. As at the time of Zara’s 17th birthday, Zaki uploaded many photos. It seems he is giving his lover a special gift. In a room, Zaki surprises and brings flowers for Zara Adhisty.

Zaki is known to have studied law in Yogyakarta. Zaki and Zara have a long distance relationship (LDR). Despite being in a different city, Zaki still seems to want to be by Zara’s side on the birthday of the cute-faced singer and actress.

It was at this anniversary moment that Zaki and Zara “ went public ”. Many internet users want Zara to be better with Angga.

7 Moments of Romance Adhisty Zara and Zaki PohanZara Adhisty and Zaki Pohan Photo: @zaraadhsty and @ zakipohan / Special

Zara Adhisty or Adhisty Zara was known in the entertainment world thanks to JKT48 in 2016. At that time, Zara was part of the T team and was known as the original ace of her generation.

Zara Adhisty became a successful member of JKT48 and tried to act. His small role was played when he starred in the 1990 film Dilan and 1991 Dilan became Dilan’s younger brother.

Her game became more stable when Zara played the Keluarga Cemara movie as Euis. But through the film Dua Garis Biru, directed by Gina S. Noer, Zara Adhisty’s career shone even more.

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