PSSI has the potential to violate FIFA’s naturalization rules

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There is news that PSSI is planning to naturalize five teenagers from Brazil. Football watcher Tommy Welly said that PSSI violated FIFA rules.

So far, several Brazilian footballers have joined Persija Jakarta, Armea FC and Madura United. The players have been mentioned as entrusted by PSSI to consider whether their quality should be naturalized to strengthen the strength of the Indonesian national team at the 2021 U-20 World Cup.

PSSI denied the allegation through Indra Sjafri as technical director, but representatives from the three clubs had already said that the Brazilian players who came were PSSI’s plan.

The wave of rejection of the PSSI idea was voiced through social media. There are people who believe that PSSI is taking away the Indonesian players’ rights, evidence that they failed youth development and a desire to achieve immediate success.

Tommy, who is known to be called Bung Towel, sees it from a different perspective. He pointed out that the Brazilian players who entered Persija, Arema FC and Madura did not deserve naturalization because they did not comply with FIFA rules.

“If these rumors really happen, the actions taken by PSSI will not matter,” said Tommy Welly when he was contacted by reporters on Friday (21.8.2020).

With reference to the FIFA Statute relating to the FIFA Conditions for Participation in Article 7, the players do not meet any of the following four conditions: the player was born in the country concerned, one of the player’s biological parents was born in that country, the grandfather or grandmother The player was born in that country and has lived in the country for five years, starting at the age of 18.

“If you are of half (half) Indonesian descent you still have the right to join the national team. But it is not. FIFA’s naturalization rules are also becoming stricter. Morally, this is very, very deceitful and robs young people of their hopes to play in the national team. ” he said.

According to Towel, there is no point in naturalizing young players given the various cases that have arisen.

“Look at Diego Costa, a young man who has joined the Brazilian youth team, now a senior who has joined the Spanish national team. At the moment he might be able to join the Indonesian national team, but he could return to Brazil as a senior.” Bright Towel provides an example.

“That’s ridiculous. If the stakeholders are silent, that’s nonsense. So I want to see stakeholders from football too. Just stay calm and dark or what,” he said.

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