The President of China sent a letter to the Jocks during the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia


Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent a letter to Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokoui) on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia (RI). In his letter, the President stated that relations between the two countries were well maintained.

The Chinese embassy in Indonesia said in a statement via its Facebook page that the letter contained a greeting to Jokoui on Indonesia’s 75th Independence Day, which falls on August 17.

“Xi Jinping pointed out in his letter that Sino-Indonesian relations are currently maintaining good trends,” the Chinese embassy in Indonesia said in a statement. unricmagazinecom on Monday (17/8/2020).

“The two sides are working together on the COVID-19 outbreak,” the statement added.

In his letter, the President hopes that the two countries will promote the resumption of production and the joint development of the lane and the road, defending the multilateralism and the common situation of the joint management of global outbreaks.

“Make a positive contribution to the health and well-being of people on both sides and around the world,” the statement said.

According to the Chinese embassy, ​​President Xi also said that he pays great attention to relations between China and Indonesia.

“We want to work together with President Joko Vidodo to quickly defeat the outbreak of COVID-19, together to create a new situation in a new era in which the two developing countries can achieve mutual victory and continue to develop a comprehensive strategic partnership between the two. countries, “the statement said. ,,

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