Tips so that parents are not stressed when accompanying children to learn online


Learning online during a pandemic is not only a challenge for children but also for parents. Additionally, working parents have to do several tasks at the same time to monitor their children as they learn online.

Psychologist Jovita Maria Ferliana said there are a number of tricks parents can do to avoid stress when accompanying children to online learning. One of the most important things is to know the child’s learning style.

“This is very important because parents often get angry with their children. We often trigger things that we think will happen if parents don’t have the same learning style as children,” Jovita said in the Smartfren community webinar on Tuesday (18/8 / 2020).

There are four learning styles that children need to understand, namely auditory, visual, reading / writing and kinesthetic learning styles. By recognizing children’s learning styles, parents can adapt their approach to supervising children while learning online.

Also, online learning activities shouldn’t be done in the bedroom and are best done in a study room or special living room. Jovita said it was important for the children to associate the atmosphere with the use of the place.

“If in the relaxation room or bedroom we continue to use it to study, watch filming, play, we don’t form children’s associations that the bedroom is for rest,” Jovita said.

Parents also need to regulate their emotions so that they can handle their children patiently even if they are busy and have a lot of problems. Jovita suggested that parents relax more often, for example by breathing in and out rhythmically.

Parents should also be able to take the time to take care of themselves, such as eating healthy foods, exercising or pursuing hobbies. Finally, Jovita asked parents not to carry their own burdens when accompanying children to study online and share homework with their partners.

“This is important because we can’t be people who can do everything. If we can’t, we’ll tell my partner that I can’t do math, so you can accompany my brother,” he concluded.

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