Tips to make 17 Agustusan #Dirumahaja still festive


Although it has been implemented virtually, the commemoration of Indonesian 75th Independence Day this year has not diminished the time for all Indonesians to remember the struggle of the nation’s founders and come together to celebrate the spirit of Unity in Diversity.

You can make the August 17th #dirumahaja celebration still solemn and festive with the following tips for virtual August 17th celebration from Google:

1. Plan your day with the help of the Google Assistant

Start by asking the Google Assistant for inspiration for 17 Agustusan’s exciting activities, for example, just say “Ok Google, what are you doing?”.

2. You know the Google Doodle illustrator seventeen times

Get to know the illustrator behind the Google doodle and the story that inspired it by clicking on the Google doodle that appears on the main page.

3. Ask the Google Assistant to remind you of the perfect attitude

Respect and be ready at the same time for the perfect attitude, which is to stand at the time to raise the red and white flag exactly at 10.17 am on August 17th 2020. Set an alarm that says “Ok Google, set an alarm at 10.17 “.

4. Watch the live stream of the flag ceremony from the State Palace on YouTube

The raising and lowering of the flag will be broadcast live from the State Palace on the “Presidential Secretariat” channel. Don’t forget to turn on the “reminder” though no lost transmission Yup.

5. Attend a flag ceremony with friends and family through Duo

Not just a variety of fun filters, 17 Agustusan will be even livelier with smooth video calling for up to 12 people on Google Duo, which also features a quota saving mode setting.

6. Find interesting facts about Indonesian independence

Get interesting information from the rhymes independence to read the text of the proclamation. You can ask the Google Assistant “ask for a rhyme for independence”, “unique facts of Indonesian independence” or “try reading the text of the proclamation”.

7. Fill your day by watching Indonesian independence films

Search for the keyword “Indonesian Independence Movies” and view recommendations for the movie and its streaming platform on Google Search.

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