Trump’s reaction to criticism of President “Wrong” Michelle Obama for efforts to separate


Former First Lady of the United States (US) Michelle Obama criticizes President Donald Trump, whom he considers “wrong.” Trump sees criticism as an attempt at separation.

As reported by AFP, Wednesday (19/8/2020) in an online broadcast on the Democratic Convention, Michelle called on American citizens to support Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election in November. Biden is also a former US vice president under President Barack Obama, Michelle’s husband.

Michelle said in her speech that Biden “will tell the truth and believe in science.” The statement is an insinuation for Trump, who is accused of ignoring the advice of scientists and health experts on how to deal with the Corona virus pandemic (COVID-19).

In her criticism that the former first lady of the United States has never betrayed an active president of the United States, Michelle described Trump as a lack of competence, character and decency for his post.

“Whenever we seek the White House for leadership, comfort, or audacity, we get complete chaos, division, and a complete lack of empathy,” Michelle said in her critique.

“Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country,” he said.